Drupal Site Building

Drupal is a web content management system (CMS). To the average person, the name does not mean much, but one of the biggest advantages of a CMS is that it allows the end user to update the site by adding and editing content without the requirement of having any sort of technical knowledge. Gone are the days of looking though pages of website code for simple updating. In Trinidad and Tobago, Log On Ltd. is the leading Drupal services provider building awesome websites such as The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper and Caribbean Resumes Job Site.

Drupal Performance

Drupal is a diverse, flexible and scalable content management system that runs well on most Linux, Apache, and MySQL server configurations. However, dynamic high traffic websites can dampen the web servers ability to deliver efficiently. Before exhausting your budget on complex server upgrades and more hardware, there are cost effective steps that you can take to manage your system resources. These low cost and long term improvements will give your users a more responsive and pleasant browsing experience.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the name suggests, optimizes your website to have the most effective ranking in the popular search engines when searching for popular keywords. Ideally, you want your website to rank #1 above your competition in the market. By default, Drupal provides good SEO but there are still quite a few little modules than can help (we call it "on-site strategies") and there are also ethical off-site strategies that can pack a punch. Log On Ltd. always develop websites with SEO in mind from the development stage right through to themeing and coding.

Drupal Consulting

We can help you if you need advice on how to architect your next big site, or just on what module you should use for a particular feature. Our expertise covers a wide-range of topics and we can get you where you need to go, as fast as you need to get there.

Graphics Design

Log On Ltd. provides graphics design services for logos, web templates and advertisements.

We have helped a lot of great companies in Trinidad and Tobago build awesome websites.